APS HDPE Animal Mosquito Nets, Cow Shed Mosquito House Fly Disease Irritation Protection Net (45x15x10 FT)

Price: ₹ 8,000.00 - ₹ 5,996.00


This polyester mosquito net is one revolutionary item that keeps you and your animals safe from the mosquitoes and all the dangerous diseases caused by them. Available in all sizes, I. E. , for 1,2,3, 4,5 or 6 animals, the APS Mosquito net animal mosquito net is made of a very light and airy material that allows the air to pass. Also, it doesnt cause a feeling of suffocation in any of the seasons to your animal. The best quality of mosquito net is that one can have a peaceful sleep as through this protection mosquitoes cannot enter the net. Moreover, we are free from mosquito bites that are responsible for various deadly diseases. No matter what kind of mosquito repellent you are using, there are multiple places where the mosquitoes become active at night. They keep on biting and bar people from enjoying a good sleep. The mosquito net is one powerful aid that deals with mosquitoes like a pro and helps you in enjoying a long and uninterrupted sleep. Amazing features of this mosquito net for double bed are as follows: perfect coverage: a full-size net that allows perfect coverage to your animal with a height of 10ft. Quality of net: the fabric is light and airy that allows the air passage and doesnt cause suffocation in any season. Portable product: this polyester mosquito net can be easily folded and carried away to any place you go. This means that you dont have to deal with the mosquito bites while traveling to someplace and can enjoy a good nights sleep with it. Good quality material: this mosquito net for bed is not stiff or hard like the other regular nets which are made of plastic and either slip or dont get neatly folded. Easy to carry: you can easily fold and store this animal mosquito net at any place of your choice. Easy to install: it doesnt get dirty, and it is very easy to maintain and install. All these features make the APS Mosquito net animal mosquito net the best mosquito net

Loops made of square net fabric 2 metres apart .
Stitching by plastic thread . Weight 10 kgs. Tie on bamboo or pillars with nylons rope.
Very durable net and will last min 2-5 year as per care
Cow Shed Mosquito House Fly Disease Irritation Protection Net