Painting Florals with Gouache: An Introduction to Creating Beautiful Botanical Artwork

Price: ₹ 431.05


Learn the Art of Gouache with Easy-to-Paint, Stunning Floral Designs

Let your creativity bloom with this inspiring step-by-step guide to painting lush roses, delicate daisies, blossoming cacti and more. Gouache makes it easy to create rich, bright colors for an impressive impact in just a few strokes. This forgiving medium is great for beginners, as well as watercolor artists looking for a bold, new way to create stunning artwork that pops. Vidhi Khandelwal, founder of The Ink Bucket art and stationery brand, guides you each step of the way through simple techniques to recreate her signature florals. Use your new skills to begin a daily art habit, create stunning compositions to brighten up your home and add a personal touch to homemade cards and gifts.

With a trove of traceable flower sketches right in the book, you can focus on your painting journey without worrying about how to draw every line. Along with the essential strokes, you’ll learn simple shading methods for realistic petals, and lovely layering techniques to add fullness and texture in each blossom. Bring your project to life with fun details like veined leaves and colorful backgrounds, and even venture into floral hand lettering. Whether you’re looking to boost your painting skills or enjoy a relaxing new hobby, this book provides a refreshing creative escape.