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Impact Hardcore justice Scott D’Amore has given Tommy Dreamer a reservation right. Because violent innovators know one or two things about becoming hardcore.Dreamers were already in line Title vs. Career A match between Diona Palazzo and jazz, and the number one female weapon scramble.About tonight’s episode Impact wrestling (April 8, 2021) he wrote a wacky idea on the rest of the card.

The coolest is the Brian Myers and Jake Something blind game match. Myers wore an eyepatch due to a previous injury and did not get in the way to attack Jake’s eyes during the show. Jake demanded a chance to be equal, so the wrestling executive booked a hardcore blindfold match.

Ace Austin, TJP and Josh Alexander have been enhanced with the X-Division. Dreamers booked a triple threat tag team match because they all hated each other. Ace already has his partner in Madman Fulton. A twist from Dreamer is that Alexander and TJP will choose their own partners. For now, those participants remain a mystery.

We can’t have Hardcore justice Dreamers don’t have fun. Eric Young did nothing in his Violent by Design faction. Two exchanged verbal spines. Dreamer had enough and booked eight hardcore wars that resembled a wargame-style match. Young is close to Joe Doering, Deaner, and Rhino. Dreamer’s teammates haven’t been announced yet, but there are many friends who are willing to get Young.

James Storm and Chris Sabin may be candidates in the Impact locker room. “Wildcat” Chris Harris was able to come on board, but he was bloody beaten by Violent by Design early in the evening. Dreamer could even call some ECW buddies.

Also, Luke Gallows vs. Black Taurus and Shera vs. Hernandez were announced, and the chairs were legal.

The· Hardcore justice The card is currently located at:

  • Hardcore War: Eric Young, Joe Doering, Diner, Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer + 3 Partners
  • Title vs. Career Knockout Championship: Diona Palazzo (c) vs. Jazz
  • # 1 Contender Weapon Scramble: Jording Race vs. Susan vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Havoc vs. Rosemary vs. Alisha Edwards
  • Hardcore Blindfold: Brian Myers vs Jake Something
  • Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. TJP & TBA vs. Josh Alexander & TBA
  • Chair Legal: Shera vs. Hernandez
  • Luke Gallows vs. Black Taurus

Hardcore justice It will air on Saturday, April 10th at 3:00 pm EST. Impact Plus app..

How Hardcore justice Do you see the card? Which match stirs your juice the most?

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Dreamer Book Hardcore Blindfold Match for Impact Hardcore Justice

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