Ali Gul Pir collaborates on a new song with musicians from 7 other countries – Music

Ali Gul Pir collaborates on a new song with musicians from 7 other countries – Music

Rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir has teamed up with an American musician to release a song called ‘Pride’.

Gul Pir said he met Aaron English in March 2020, when he was stuck in Belgium because of Covid-19 restrictions. They became friends and a year later, decided to make a song together with seven other musicians.

He shared a clip of his part of the song on his Instagram.

‘Pride’ was written by English, Nazizi Hirji and Gul Pir.

You can listen to the whole song here:

The contributing artists are from eight countries. Aaron English and Mathew Burgess from the US, Hijri from Kenya, Gul Pir from Pakistan, Vladimir Bodunov from Belarus, Mattia Saravo from Italy, Henning Pauly and Haida Gwai from Germany, Toby Sanmiya from Canada and Sam Mehan from Australia.

“I started thinking about a international collaboration — something we could all do long distance, at home, with all of our tours cancelled and the recording studios closed,” wrote English on his Instagram. And that “something” was ‘Pride’.

Gul Pir’s part of the song is a rap in which he talks about everyone being in it together.

“We all in it together, blood and bones. Time to rally up people, no more divide, nowhere to hide, kick the hate outside. Go with love ’cause that’s the vibe. That’s our legacy, that’s our pride,” he raps.

While we all know Gul Pir as a comedian, we can’t forget his initial claim to fame ‘Waderai Ka Beta’. And while ‘Waderai Ka Beta’ poked fun at some people, ‘Pride’ is more serious. What do you think of the song?

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