PODCAST: Rapper Hasel jailed and riots on streets

PODCAST: Rapper Hasel jailed and riots on streets

On February 16, the Catalan rapper Pablo Hasel was arrested at the University of Lleida after being sentenced to two years and nine months in jail for two cases of glorifying terrorism and insulting the Spanish crown in his tweets and lyrics. Press play below to listen or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

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Hasel’s arrest has led to widespread protests in cities and towns across Catalonia and Spain, with dozens of arrests and injuries following clashes between demonstrators and police.

Cristina Tomàs White and Natacha Maurin join Lorcan Doherty to discuss Hasel’s case, a similar one involving the rapper Valtonyc, and the debate around the boundaries of freedom of expression and Spain’s controversial so-called ‘gag law’.

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