The Stoked Squad is SO STRONGSWIPE! LINK IN PROFILE – 7 Day Free Trial My vis…

The Stoked Squad is SO STRONG💪🏼SWIPE!
LINK IN PROFILE – 7 Day Free Trial

❤️My vision when creating the Kira Stokes Fit App was to have a platform that would make my coaching/training style (show and teach, not show and tell) and form focused science backed flow of movement method, #thestokedmethod , accessible to people all over the world. With 25 years of hands on experience training clients one-on-one and teaching #stokedseries classes, I knew my next step was a virtual studio so I could impact more people in positive manner…to help people fall in love with fitness and movement.
🙏🏼What I didn’t know was how incredibly rewarding it would be to witness the strength, commitment, progress, results, smiles and comradery the incredible Stoked Community shares on a daily basis (both here on @instagram and in the member-only Facebook group, Kira Stokes Fit Stoked App-letes).
Two years into this virtual journey , and the #KSFITAPP just keeps getting better and better with a squad the grows stronger by the minute.

Clear eyes, full heart…stay STOKED💪🏼

⭐️If you’re new to the #KSFITAPP , WELCOME! Be on the lookout for an email with lots of deets but, the “Get Stoked In 7” programs are a great place to start and to refer back to as templates when combining workouts to create your own #stokedstack (mix and match workouts to create your perfect workout)
•Stoked In 7 (OG & 2.0) = beginner
•Super Stoked In 7 (OG & 2.0) = intermediate
•Super Duper Stoked In 7 (OG & 2.0) = advanced

Get Ready…Get Set…Get STOKED to experience the mood boosting, energy enhancing, gimmick-free results driven programming that is #thestokedmethod
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