Facebook Portal TV User Guide: A Complete 2021 Practical Manual to Maximize Your New Portal TV

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Do you wish to maximize your Facebook Portal TV? Then you need this user manual

The world is changing with technology and it is important that humans also change with it and not be afraid of the implications of these changes. The knowledge on how to control these technological changes is what we must seek to defeat this fear. The introduction of video calling changed how we see the world. Video calling is now part of our everyday life as humans. There are so many areas where we now use these video call features. We use it for business and work, for learning, for building relationships and also for communicating with our family members. Facebook Portal TV has made video calling much more fun and advanced. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable device to help connect yourself with areas of your life which include your work, family, education or any other thing that requires communication, portal TV remains the best and with its great features which gets updated every day it may remain relevant for a long time and might even become an essential device for every homes and offices in coming years. Hurry and get yours now.

Here is a Preview of What you will get from purchasing this book


What do I need to set up my portal TV?        

How do I set up my Portal TV?  

How to add or remove accounts on my portal TV   

How does calling on portal TV work?  

How to call a WhatsApp contact on Facebook Portal TV   

How to Receive a call of Facebook Portal TV

Turning the camera and microphone off on my portal TV

Making group calls on my portal TV    

Using AR effects during a call on portal TV    

How to turn off AR effects on Portal TV

Using storytime effects on my portal TV?     

How to connect or disconnect Alexa on portal TV   

Connecting Alexa to Facebook Portal TV

How to Disconnect Alexa from Facebook Portal TV

How to use my portal TV remote         

Connecting Your WhatsApp account to portal TV   

How to view regulatory information about your portal TV           

How to add or remove favorites from my portal TV           

Setting up or changing the WI-FI network on the portal TV         

How to put your portal TV in sleep mode      

How to pair your portal TV to a remote         

Troubleshooting the Portal TV  

I’m having trouble with my portal TV remote           

How to factory reset the portal TV      

How do I use a portal TV safely with kids in my home?

How do I know if my contacts are available to call on my portal?          

What is MIC drop on portal TV?

How do I control the camera during a call on my portal TV?       

How do I hide a suggested or recent contact on portal TV?         

And Lots More

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